Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two / Advisory Chair
I t wasn’t supposed to be like this! We were meant to be tumbling off trains at Waverley station, breathing the late summer Edinburgh air, eager for a week of debate, dialogue and bad dancing. But although we can’t be together physically, the brilliant team at the TV Festival were determined to bring us together digitally. And although we cannot replicate the opening party at the National Museum of Scotland or the many, many, MANY, drinks receptions, we know we can bring you the most essential parts of the Edinburgh TV festival. After the year we are experiencing, we need it. So be prepared to be challenged, stimulated, provoked and re-energised.
Graham Stuart, Managing Director, So Television / Executive Chair
W elcome to the Edinburgh Television Festival 2020 which, for reasons I don’t need to explain, is taking place in a virtual version of the proud old Caledonian capital. You are about to experience four days in a digitally created Auld Reekie, a place where everything runs on time, there are no queues, and it absolutely never rains. Very much like Brigadoon the mysterious and beautiful Scottish location which only appears for a short time every hundred years. But minus the questionable show tunes.
Campbell Glennie, Managing Director, Edinburgh TV Festival/TV Foundation
T his year I have asked myself this question a lot: what is the Festival for? I believe it is to celebrate, educate and connect. Edinburgh is a state of mind, and this year has revealed that essence like never before, as we take an involuntary break from our beloved home. It is an openness, reflective in nature where we gather to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. The global pandemic, Black Lives Matter, climate change and the freelancer crisis tell us we all need to rebuild in a kinder, fairer and more sustainable way.
Stewart Clarke, Creative Director, Edinburgh TV Festival
I t has been a strange year to get into live events… but with my first Edinburgh TV Festival as creative director getting underway, I’m immensely proud of what the team has put together. As summer draws to a close we won’t be taking up residence in Edinburgh, but we have gone all out to capture the spirit of the Festival. That means an uncompromising take on how the industry needs to change – from the lack of black voices in senior positions and how news organisations cover the BLM movement, to the reset needed in freelance working, and dealing with the shockwaves dealt by a global pandemic.
Ben McOwen Wilson, Managing Director, YouTube UK
W elcome to Edinburgh 2020 -- be it from your homes, your cars, or under your favourite tree in the garden. Normally this time of year we would be looking forward to seeing our friends and partners in Scotland, sharing stories and laughs in the hallway between sessions. As we all know, nothing about 2020 is normal. As a company who loves and celebrates digital experience, we at YouTube must also admit nothing replaces being in-person, and we sorely miss seeing you all to share in your triumphs, learn from our shared challenges, and enjoy these experiences together.
Liz Reynolds, Director of Corporate Communications & External Affairs, Freeview
W elcome to Edinburgh 2020. None of us could have imagined just what a year this would turn out to be. The Festival is always a must attend event in the TV calendar but this August more so than ever. So much to reflect on and debate, so much to learn from each other’s experiences and views on the world. Congratulations to Patrick Holland and the Festival team who have put together such a compelling and inspiring programme. Freeview is honoured to be headline sponsoring again, supporting the Festival and the TV Foundation’s work at a critical time for the industry.




Campbell Glennie, Managing Director, Edinburgh TV Festival & The TV Foundation
Stewart Clarke, Creative Director, Edinburgh TV Festival
Sophie Howard, Partnerships & Marketing Director, Edinburgh TV Festival
Sarah Vignoles, Talent Schemes Director, The TV Foundation
Amanda Linton, Head of Finance, Edinburgh TV Festival & The TV Foundation
Mindy Juss, Digital Production & Marketing Manager, Edinburgh TV Festival
Bianca Newby, Senior Operations Manager, Edinburgh TV Festival
Jackie Adedeji, Communication & Outreach Co-ordinator, The TV Foundation
Tegan Gallacher, Partnerships Account Manager, Edinburgh TV Festival
Cassia Littler, Office & Finance Manager, Edinburgh TV Festival & The TV Foundation
Jane Marlow, Executive Producer, ConnectED, Edinburgh TV Festival



The Festival would like to give a huge thank you to Little Dot Studios
and their production crew for working with us on creating this special event:

Dan White, Partnerships Manager
Oliver Diamond, Platform Manager
Jack Clark, Producer
Donna Harle, Production Manager
Josh Epstein, Production Co-ordinator
Michael Holmes, Production Assistant
Ashley Raim, Camera Operator
Chris Karageorgiou, Camera Operator
Carter Ross, Camera Operator
Sam Lucas, Post Production Co-ordinator
Sam Norton, Editor
Maj Jukic, Editor
Emma Nathan, Editor
Hal Arnold, Head of Production (UK)
Joanna Pernia, Head of Production (US)
Billy Stephens, Stream Operator
Olivia Banks, Stream Operator
Kyle Cairns, Stream Operator


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